Saturday, January 3, 2009

...And we're back!

After 5 months of nothing new on our blog, I figured it was time I updated it. This will give you a little idea as to what our family has been up to over the last several months. Through August and September, the girls and I kept busy by playing with the many little kids in the neighborhood. Some of their favorite things to do included coloring with chalk, playing on the swingset, and riding bikes/scooters.

Even Gracie learned how to ride the scooter. She loved it--and was actually quite good! FYI, Grace is now almost 20 months and busy as can be. She runs around constantly and talks all the time. This past week her favorite new word is "no way!", which she uses to answer any question you ask. She also LOVES dancing, tickling mommy and daddy, and playing with her new baby doll (which must come with us everywhere).

Savannah turned 3 in Novemeber and reminds us all the time that "I'm 3 on my birthday. I'm a big girl!" This means that Savannah will go into Sunbeams this year, and I am so excited because I just called to teach her class! Savannah is also very busy playing with friends, dressing up as a princess, and trying to do any and everything that mommy does. Her new skills include cooking, coloring, vacuuming, dusting, applying make up and walking in high heels.
John and I have so much fun with these girls. They are hilarious and keep our lives bright and very entertaining. John has also been very busy. He is now working in private equity and really enjoys it. He likes who he works with and what he does--which is great since he has been spending many late nights at the office. Other than that, not much is new. We love our life and are so grateful for our family, good friends and the gospel!


bethany said...

Hooray! And thanks for sending us your cute Christmas card!! We miss you guys!!

Joseph and Tiffany said...

Hi Bridget! Your girls are, as always, so sweet and cute. Thanks for sharing what you're up to.

Russell and Aya said...

Yeah! I am glad that you are back!! It is so good to see your family pictures. Your girls are supper cute! We really miss you.