Friday, January 18, 2008

Family pictures

So, we tried to get some family pictures taken and a certain two-year old was not in the mood, so after seeing all the proofs, I think these are my favorites(and most true to life). This is how our life is these days--crazy, insane, and tons of fun!

Monday, January 7, 2008

More Christmas Pictures

More Christmas Pictures

Baby's First Christmas

Grace is such an angel. She is sweet and loving to her big sister, Savannah. We are so grateful to have her happy spirit in our home.

Christmas with the Morleys

Christmas was wonderful. We had fun with presents, family, and too
many treats. (Is there such a thing?) By far, the best present of all was the digital picture frame from all the kids. Everyone pitched in and contributed pictures, so that Tom and Val will always have pictures of everyone--even when they aren't living close by. Even better, the kids were able to keep it a secret until Tom and Val opened it on Christmas!

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we took Savannah out in the snow and let her go sledding. She loved it! She kept asking for more. It was fun to see her having a good time. Grace was having fun inside with Max. He is a busy little dog, but so cute. He couldn't have been sweeter to Grace, and she loved Max, she would "pet" him by yanking on his fur, and give hime her hand so he could lick it. Too cute!

Christmas At Our Home

This year, since we were driving to Idaho for Christmas, we decided to have our own Christmas at home before we left. The girls had fun and we loved watching them get excited about Christmas. Savannah really enjoyed tearing off the wrapping, but didn't seem to care what was inside or who it belonged to. Like a good big sister, she even helped Grace open some presents. Grace was her happy little self, although she didn't know quite what to think (all the chaos was a little overwhelming).

We got the girls some toys and had a great time watching them open and enjoy them. Since Savannah is still so little, she didn't really catch on to the whole Santa idea. So, I guess that's something we can look forward to for next year.