Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

Springtime at the Morleys

I have been terrible about getting pictures out to everyone, so this is my attempt to get at least a few recent ones up.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Here are some of our pictures from October--our ward Halloween party, the pumpkin patch, and our trip to California to visit Grandma Kelly & Grandpa Craig and all the rest of the family. The girls loved Halloween this year. I think they were thrilled to learn how trick-or-treating works, although Grace wasn't too happy about having to wear a costume. They also loved the pumpkin patch. It had so many fun activities for the girls--a cow train, huge slides, an inflatable pillow to jump on, and several playhouses and swingsets! As for the trip to California--that was a hit, as always! The girls always love visiting family and having the undivided attention of aunts, uncles, and grandparents. This trip was especially fun because we got to go to the San Diego Zoo and celebrate Savannah's birthday (a little early). The girls were given some princess dress ups which they love and now wear almost daily! I love being their mom!

...And we're back!

After 5 months of nothing new on our blog, I figured it was time I updated it. This will give you a little idea as to what our family has been up to over the last several months. Through August and September, the girls and I kept busy by playing with the many little kids in the neighborhood. Some of their favorite things to do included coloring with chalk, playing on the swingset, and riding bikes/scooters.

Even Gracie learned how to ride the scooter. She loved it--and was actually quite good! FYI, Grace is now almost 20 months and busy as can be. She runs around constantly and talks all the time. This past week her favorite new word is "no way!", which she uses to answer any question you ask. She also LOVES dancing, tickling mommy and daddy, and playing with her new baby doll (which must come with us everywhere).

Savannah turned 3 in Novemeber and reminds us all the time that "I'm 3 on my birthday. I'm a big girl!" This means that Savannah will go into Sunbeams this year, and I am so excited because I just called to teach her class! Savannah is also very busy playing with friends, dressing up as a princess, and trying to do any and everything that mommy does. Her new skills include cooking, coloring, vacuuming, dusting, applying make up and walking in high heels.
John and I have so much fun with these girls. They are hilarious and keep our lives bright and very entertaining. John has also been very busy. He is now working in private equity and really enjoys it. He likes who he works with and what he does--which is great since he has been spending many late nights at the office. Other than that, not much is new. We love our life and are so grateful for our family, good friends and the gospel!

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

We went up to Rexburg for the 4th. We had a great time--especially the girls who recieved more attention than they ever get at home. They had a house full of people waiting on them hand and foot. Plus, there were always people to play with--which meant that there was always someone helping to watch our little squirts. (Thanks everybody!) We attended the town parade, had a bbq, played softball, and did our own fireworks. It was so much fun!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The joys of parenting

I decided I would share some of the things that go on at our house on a day to day basis. John and I find them rather amusing. Here is a list of some of the things that my little people have been up to recently: (First, I must preface this by giving a warning that we are potty training, so the following information is a little interesting--if you know what I mean) 1. Using fly swatters as spoons while they cook up something in the toilet (that day, Grace made it to the toilet 3 times--and all before 9am! Wow, go Grace!) 2. Savannah and Grace competing fiercely in screaming contests that seem to always take place in the car. 3. Grace devouring a chocoate popsicle because it was the only thing that made her stop crying 4. Savannah getting fixed up for the day--with Mom's shoes and make-up. Have you ever seen mascara look so good? 5. This is one of my favorites--A few nights ago, in a attempt to bathe the girls I got them both in the tub and began washing them up when Savannah looks up at me with a strange look and I realize there is a bright yellow stream making its way from her to the other end of the tub. So, of course, I got grace out and drained the tub. While the water was draining, I look over, only to see little Grace standing in a puddle of her own! And then, to top it off, when I reach for her to put her back in the tub, she moves, slips in the puddle and falls on the floor. Finally, after 2 accidents and 2 baths everyone was clean and ready for bed! Aren't kids great? Never a dull moment! :)


These last few months have been so much fun. Now that we live closer, we have had a chance to have family and friends visit and stay with us. It has been such a nice change of pace from Texas where we only got visitors a few times a year. The girls love seeing their many grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles. Here are some pictures from the last few months. Thanks, everyone, for coming to visit. For those who haven't come yet, you're missing out. haha!