Thursday, November 8, 2007

Savannah's Birthday


We can't believe how quickly two years has flown by! Savannah turned 2 on November 1st (although we thought she hit the "terrible twos" a while before that). Even though Savannah does have her stubborn and spunky moments, she is so much fun. She is so happy and sweet--especially to Grace. She loves to gives hugs and kisses and play "flopping". This is a game she invented where John lies on the floor and Savannah just flops over him. It is a crack up to watch, and she just LOVES it! Savannah is also busy talking up a storm. She says most things she hears--including some things better left unsaid by a two year old.

Savannah is such a kind, loving little girl and we are so grateful to have her in our family. Here are some pictures of her birthday celebration with family and friends.

Just for fun

These are just some random pictures of the fam. Can we just say--life is never dull in this home! In case you are wondering, the second picture is Savannah talking to Brenna (on her block).

Happy Halloween!

This year for Halloween, Savannah was too shy to trick-or-treat. We tried a few houses, and when she would have nothing to do with it, we decided to consider it good practice for next year.

The Pumpkin Patch

Savannah wasn't too sure about the pumpkin patch, but having mommy and daddy swing her in the air seemed to make her smile. Grace was happy and content as always. She must be the happiest, most easy-going baby ever!

Little Miss Personality

Here's a peek at the Morley family entertainer. She is so funny and has definitely got a mind of her own!